A selection of projects undertaken for a number of different clients

Grills Steakhouse

Grills Steakhouse of Pontypridd required a cutting edge identity to aid the growth of the chain as they look to expand to a second and third restaurant.

The idea behind Grills Steakhouse is very much one of delicious, locally sourced food that surpasses anything offered by Americanised fast food chains. The emphasis is on eating more and eating well. It was paramount this message came through in the brand.

We developed a clean, bold identity that took reference from American steakhouses but still held its own in amongst a saturated food chain market. The font used has a ‘wild western’ edge to it, yet is strong in appearance, representing the food eaten at the restaurant. An American cow can be seen grazing on the top of the ‘i’ and ‘l’ to remind people Grills Steakhouse is not a place to pop in for a quick Caesar salad: it’s all about the experience of being in a great restaurant eating quality food. A dark red used throughout helps emphasis the focus on eating locally sourced, high quality meat. This clean cut yet effective style was carried through to the menus and a range of marketing material, allowing the second and hopefully more restaurants to associate themselves which each other in relative ease.