A selection of projects undertaken for a number of different clients

Kickstart Mini Soccer

After taking a 12 week course across the USA teaching children how to play football, (MA) Sports Coaching graduate Joel Woodington decided to setup a similar style mini soccer school in Llantrisant, South Wales. Joel spotted a major flaw with the learning process whilst in America as children would forget skills and techniques learned in the day once they had gone home, a key issue addressed in the design process. We set about creating a user experience for the children that enhanced their learning experience in a fun, friendly way.

The danger with any interactive experience is that the child can spend too long at the computer screen and not applying the skills learned. A simple video explanation and question and answer system for each skill was developed to merely assist the teaching of these skills, not become a totally reliant source. We then went on to develop a soft, friendly brand and three animal characters that represent three of the key aspects of playing football.

A whole range of branded equipment and rewards were printed to give the child plenty of memories from their time at Kickstart.