A selection of projects undertaken for a number of different clients

Specs Appeal

Specs Appeal is a charity that aims to encourage the public to donate their unwanted or unused glasses to help people in developing countries.

The campaign focuses on the donator’s experience. After posting their glasses in the Specs Appeal packet, they will be able to track their glasses’ journey to their new home through the Specs Appeal mobile app. Eventually, this will result in the donator receiving a photograph of the glasses’ new owner through the app. It is hoped that this shareable reward factor will encourage more people to join the campaign.

This packaging is designed to be posted. It is perfect for a charity campaign as it requires only one side of printing, and no glue. The donator begins with a flat package, and after slotting the glasses into the face, folds the package up and tucks in the tab. The combination of the glasses being slotted on the face, and the ends ‘popping’ into place make the glasses unable to move in the post.